Hello again everyone.  As you may have noticed, I have edited some of my previous posts and actually fully removed another.  I’ve decided on a calling that I am very excited to take part in.  I really want to help other individuals who have the same issues as me.  Even if the problems you experience do not directly reflect what I succumb to on a daily basis, I feel that the learning process and therapeutic ventures of this medium are one in the same.  It is a strong belief of mine that I can control my inner-demons.  Almost consistently do I think that I am the driver of this bus.  The harsh reality of the matter is this.  I am not in control of what is going on inside my mind that causes me to expel the repugnant filth that egresses my face hole.  What I CAN put a damper on is the direction that I fire these messages and try my best to turn the situation positive.  What I insist on doing with this blog is becoming a better human being by expressing my feelings and emotions publicly and determining goals to achieve a better method of voicing these obstacles.  I’m hoping to acquire a following here to not only help myself progress to a more blissful life, but to also allow the discussions to motivate others into more positive expression.

Today was a very good day for me.  I have had a few delusional, paranoid thoughts but have decided against expressing them outright.  These blunt accusations are the core of my reckless lifestyle.  Instead, I chose to become more outgoing and resourceful at my place of employment to keep my mind of the troubles that were bothering me.  This seemed to work fluently but I found that I could not return to the euphoric mood that I had obtained when I skipped out my front door in the morning.  Though I did not have an above average remainder of the day, I did not have a poor one.  I feel that this is progression though I would have preferred to been blind to the situation at all.  My thoughts are congregating at the wrong time.  It seems that if I have one thought…it’s fine.  If I were to have another image strike my mind, I would also be okay.  If these pictures collide at the same time, I seem to not be able to recover 100%.  This will be worked on.  I feel for the time being, mental productivity is keeping me on a middle ground when it comes to the thought:action ratio.  I hope that other people dealing with situations similar to this will read this, associate, and respond with their strength, support, and wisdom.  Until next time.  Have a great day!


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