Sometimes you just get that feeling.  It happens to everyone but affects us (you know who we are) much more than others.  It’s one thing to feel hopeless about the way things are going.  It’s another to obtain that deep, sinking feeling.  The one that just smashes you into the ground and says, “Now what?”.  I experience this hopeless feeling often.  Many times it just strikes me down and makes me think too far into the future.  Things that have not yet happened are depressing me in the present.  It’s not really fair nor is it reasonable for it to affect us.  We should not be punished for the events that have not yet happened.  We must come to realize that these thoughts, are just that.  Thoughts.  Fears.  Ideas.  We need to understand that all of this can be changed.  If we stop dwelling on what could happen, we should make today a better day.  Once our current mood is lifted, we can then proceed to make positive decisions to create the future that keeps us lifted.  Our lives may be unmanageable on some grounds, but we can mold our lifestyle to lean toward favorable direction.

I’m not exactly expressing these thoughts because I am a master of executing all of these positive mannerisms.  On the contrary, I happen to struggle very hard with hopelessness.  This is more of a  hindsight thought.  I wouldn’t want you to think that these methods work and I am the preacher of all knowledge.  I think about my issues after I have episodes.  Realizing these corrections after the fact make it achievable.  At least there is a goal for positive thought process.  Maybe if we could all put our heads together and work toward “thinking in the now”, we could acquire the uplifting moods that create bliss.  Opposite of the deep, sinking hopeless feeling, I too have had the opposite, joyous thoughts.  Incorporating the ability to summon the upbeat mood is also a great way to lose the weighted thoughts.  There are many things we can do but we have problems dealing with it ourselves.  I find writing to be my method of happiness.  Maybe you can also find your method.  I appreciate comments and thoughts on these subjects as they bring insight to a very complex situation.  Thank  you for reading.


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